A Message From the Raglan Police

In the last two weeks, Raglan Police have received reports of six family harm incidents, fourteen thefts including seven burglaries and another two prosecutions related to drink driving. 

Keep up the good work, keep sending in your evidence of the ‘boy racer activity’ and we will keep impounding their vehicles. 

A reminder that security on your home, including alarms and cameras, not only protects your home, but also the community. A local thief was caught on CCTV footage trying to break into a home; within the hour he was brought into custody and further stolen property was recovered. 

ACC are currently subsidising Quad Bike safety equipment – if you have a farm or business and have a quad bike or ATV, I highly recommend looking into this. Visit acc.co.nz and click on “control the roll” campaign. 

SH 23 between Raglan and Te Uku has been identified as the most ‘high risk’ stretch of road in the Raglan area. Statistically this area has, by far, the most vehicles crashes. Please drive safely, allow traffic to pass if travelling slow; if passing, do so safely, and drive to the conditions.

Have a great week and remember to look out for one another!