Divas to play at Old School

Just imagine a musical fusion of Ab Fab and a singing Miss Piggy   and you’ve got a pretty accurate idea of what these two are all about. Music ranging from folk, country, blues and self penned, these ladies can deliver.

“We take our music very seriously but we love to have fun too”

Both are famed for their beautiful voices and between them play several instruments. Not to be taken lightly these girls have impeccable pedigrees when it comes to musical careers. Between them, and sometimes together, they’ve worked with Van Morrison, Richard Thompson, John Martyn, Fairport Convention, Joan Armatrading, Ralph Mctell (blah blah –  the list is endless) and they are too modest (old) to remember them all – needless to say highly respected by their peers

They’ve toured the world, played major festivals and events (did ya spot Gilly at Live Aid?) and armed with nothing but their voices, charm and prosecco they thrill audiences  everywhere.  Both of them born in the UK but now happily living in New Zealand.