New sandpit for school

The Chronicle chats to Sam from Rangitahi Peninsula.

How did Rangitahi and local businesses get involved to construct a sandpit for RAS?

Hayley Vink from Wainui Construction mentioned it would be a great project to help finish off the courtyard for the newly refurbished B block at RAS. Rangitahi couldn’t agree more and jumped on board to help the project.

 Who is helping out to get the job done?

Designed by Wainui Construction

Rangitahi – Sponsored 

Built by Tom Cox on Tom Ltd – extra thanks goes out to Tom for being the main driver behind getting this completed while the kids were on school holidays.

JDC Quarry – Cartage of sand

ITM Whatawhata – timer supply

Revital Group Cambridge – Sand supply

What will be the benefits for the children?

There are many benefits for children with sand play, it increases physical and sensory development and encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity,  imagination, and social skills. 

Plus, kids just love playing outside and sand is always a firm favourite. If you take the time to watch kids playing in the sand, they are often busy with pretend play and are setting up shops, roads, cooking, building towns, digging for fossils; kids’ imaginations are limitless and sand play is a great tool to allow their imaginations run wild.

 Any other community projects on the go from Rangitahi?

Yes! We have an exciting new project that we are getting underway which is much needed for a small coastal town –  an indoor heated swimming pool, located at Rangitahi Penisula. 

 Being a coastal town, it is of utmost importance that we have the facilities to teach our young ones how to swim, and also help our community stay fit and active. 

This project is in the initial planning stages, but we will be sharing this development as we go, and looking for sponsorship partners to bring this project to life.