A Message From the Raglan Police amid spate of local crime

Over the last two weeks in the Raglan area there have been seven family harm incidents, five burglaries, 13 other dishonesty crimes, two wilful damage and six traffic related incidences.  

We urge people to report any offences and criminal activities. If it’s already happened, please call 105 or report online 105.police.govt.nz. If it’s happening now, please call 111.

There has been a high number of unlawful takings of motor vehicles. We ask that people are vigilant with securing them. 

1. Lock your doors.

2. Remove your keys from the vehicle.

3. Do not leave a spare key near your vehicle. 

4. Close the windows. 

5. Park in well-lit areas. 

6. Install an audible alarm system and anti-theft device. 

7. Install a vehicle immobilizer system. 

8. Install a tracking system.

Winter has set in and brings fog, wet roads, sometimes black ice if temperatures are zero or below. Please remember to drive to conditions. The sun is lower in the winter and can cause loss of vision on the road, so please be mindful. 

Also reminding you to change ownership of any vehicles purchased or sold. The same goes for change of ownership of firearms. 

For those of you that are keen on keeping Raglan Community safe and have time to volunteer, please get in touch with Community Patrol. 

This is our community, and we would like everyone to be safe and feel safe. Look after each other and be kind.  

From Linda, Raewyn and Andrew at Raglan Police.