Local Students and Volunteers Restoring Kaitoke Peninsula

The Local Rag caught up with Sam Judd, who is currently part of the team working with Raglan Area School to help restore Kaitoke Peninsula. 

After some fantastic work from local weedbuster groups and Waikato District Council fighting back against pest plants, there is a goal to plant over 10,000 native seedlings in the next couple of years. 

The Kaitoke Peninsula is located in the heart of Whāingaroa, and through it is the Kaitoke walkway, of use to the public. The peninsula is surrounded by the estuary – a common kayak and paddleboard route for many locals. With the use and importance of this peninsula, its appreciation and restoration is key to ensure that it remains beautiful for future generations. 

The school has teamed up with Liz Stanway to design the planting, and recent Raglan-arrival Judd, who led several big planting activities on the peninsula over the past years with Sustainable Coastlines. Judd is now focussed on helping Māori-led enterprises creating jobs by planting trees through the Raglan-based He Toutou mō Te Ahikā Trust. 

The peninsula links up with Raglan Area School, which has provided a great opportunity with students from Raglan Area School giving a helping hand planting new seedlings to be enjoyed by future generations. 

“It warms my heart to see trees that I planted 8 years ago with my daughter that are growing way faster than she is!” he says. “I would love to see the whole peninsula restored one day,” says Judd. 

The project is ongoing, with those like Judd who helped in restoration in past years being able to see the difference it has made on the local environment. 

After catching up with Liz Stanway and Angela Prain, legendary horticulture teacher from RAS, Judd “couldn’t help but choose to help give some love to Kaitoke again.” The team is looking for anyone who might be able to help with planting, digging holes with a post-hole borer (to make it easier for young school kids to plant) and administration. 

If anyone is keen to help please email or call Sam at sam@whakauka.org 

012 058 9349

by Leilani Goodall