A Message from the Raglan Police

In the last two weeks in the Raglan area, we have had eight incidents of family harm, seven vehicles interfered with or stolen, three thefts and five drink driving incidents. 

The interference of motor vehicles is not slowing down. Across the Waikato vehicles are being stolen daily and Raglan is no exception. 136 vehicles were stolen in the last 30 days in the Waikato. We are working hard to deter and hold accountable those responsible however we cannot solve this growing issue alone. We strongly recommend utilising additional security measures. Steering wheel locks, leaving your wheels turned when parked, alarms, wheel clamps and so on. Often these vehicles stolen get used to commit crime so by stopping and preventing vehicle theft, we are working towards preventing further crime.

On the 2nd of July Police coordinated a response for a search and rescue of a person who was thrown from a jet ski and was not seen for almost 2 hours. Within 20 minutes of receiving the call for help, there were Coastguard jet skis and boat, Surf Life Saving IRB, Coastguard fixed wing plane and a Westpac rescue helicopter. It was a huge response to a situation that appeared to be worsening. Fortunately, the missing person swam ashore near Manu Bay. These organisations as well as St Johns who also responded rely heavily on volunteers and donations, so please keep that in mind and do not take for granted how lucky we are to have these resources available. Be safe and sensible and follow the safety advice for your chosen adventures. That advice is given for a reason and has come from lessons learnt.

Lastly Raewyn, Linda, Alice and I attended a Powhiri at the Poihakena Marae where we were honoured to be welcomed alongside staff from the Raglan Area School. We reiterated and spoke of our commitment to working together in partnership to help foster a safer community together. A safe community cannot be achieved by any one organisation, it takes a collaborative approach. 

Enjoy the weekend, be safe, and look after one another.

Thank you,

Andrew, Linda, and Raewyn.