Artist Profile: Naomi Pitcher

This month the Local Rag had a conversation with Waikato-born and bred Naomi Pitcher. 

From a young age, Naomi was introduced to the art of performance through her talented whānau. Travelling around New Zealand to watch her mother (Emmeline Pitcher) and sister (Coral Pitcher) perform planted a seed deep in her heart to create a career for herself in the industry. Naomi thrives on stage through her passion for encouraging others to follow their dreams and being inspired. This energy is felt and seen through her contagious smile and empowering feminine energy. Naomi found flow arts and hula hoop in the last two years and has been performing at various festivals and gigs – the natural talent Naomi has for the craft is evident in her performance. 

Naomi Pitcher is a jack of many trades, being a talented dancer, flow artist, fire spinner, hairdresser, and makeup artist. She “wants to create an inclusive, playful and magical world, with a high vibration that is contagious.” Naomi always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur from a very young age, leaving her job at 21 to start her entrepreneurial journey with her hair and makeup business from the ground. This was first started by mobile appointments and growing her clientele. Naomi knew she had the drive and skills to succeed and was very determined to live the life of her dreams whatever that looked like. Almost five years later, Pitcher has started her second performing business and is launching a performing company where she will perform at, and organise shows and be a team leader for events, gigs, and festivals all over the country and eventually all over the world. 

When asking Pitcher about her inspiration, she “Wants to help inspire people to reach for their goals and know they can make all their dreams come true. We live in a world where we get so stuck in the system and are told our dreams are too big, and we should be realistic; when the truth is we can achieve anything we set our minds to – that is meant for us. Through working hard, manifesting/goal setting, working with the cycles of the moon, and with the help of our fellow humans, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Anyone can fulfil all their biggest goals by stepping out of their comfort zone, getting out of the ‘rat-race’ that our jobs and relationships put us in, and finding our true life purpose. ” 

Naomi has been busy, performing at many events in Raglan and afar recently – such as two Matariki events. Additionally, more events in Auckland and her first cabaret coming up in Tauranga with a fantastic group of women. Pitcher expands, “I love especially performing here in Raglan; I love living here so much and want to bring as much of the magical essence here because, without Raglan, I wouldn’t be doing this today. The Music deep in me comes from this land.” This pays homage to the artist’s roots, which are Ruapuke based as a 5th generation member of the Swann family. 

Naomi also credits her mother as a significant influence, being a singer and performer for Pitcher’s whole life, travelling all over the country and world – “Doing the most incredible high-energy shows would blow your mind. But, she has always encouraged us to go for anything we desire.” 

The artist says she wouldn’t be where she is today without Jess and Jair from Freedom 2 Fly, “I’ve learnt how to be the performer I am today because of them. They’ve given me the strength and skill that is the most valuable I could ever have wished for as a performer. I take up to 4 classes a week – a necessity for anyone wanting to pursue a career in performing or to get crazy fit!” She is also grateful for her partner, Liam Rolfe, who she met in her first few weeks living in Raglan, “He is an incredible performer, musician, and flow artist. Seeing how someone can practise so hard and put on an incredible show that brings so much joy to people through his performing, I wanted to do the same.” Naomi communicates her gratitude to live here in Raglan and the support she has been given here in all aspects of life, and she wants to give back to the community because of this. Naomi will be starting a flow/fire club back up in the warmer weather for people to come to give flow arts a go – passing on a skill that is so unique and beautiful.

By Leilani Goodall