Excite Music and Arts Academy

Having grown up in Whatawhata all my life, I consider Raglan to be my second home.  My husband grew up in Waitetuna on the infamous Cone Hill farm where his family still lives.  Our connection with Raglan is strong.

I have been a school teacher and a music teacher all of my working life and I have a huge passion for the performing and visual arts.  Seven years ago I left the education system to start up my own school, Excite Music and Arts Academy in Te Rapa.  I had always wanted a school like the one on the TV series “Fame” and now I have it! Together with my daughter Kim, we have embarked on a fascinating and exciting journey providing Music, Art, Dance and Drama classes to students after school and on the weekends, and to special community groups during the day.  We also provide workshops in schools. 

 We love what we do and absolutely believe in it.  Our vision is to inspire and encourage the next generation in the creative arts.  Kim’s grandmother, Bev Williamson was well known in the Raglan Ladies Art Group for her amazing art works and it’s thrilling for me to see Kim continue that heritage.  Now we are excited to be bringing Kim’s thoughtfully designed weekly fundamental art classes to The Raglan Art School for Term 3 only.  These will be taken by Sam Eva on Friday afternoons, trials are available to check for yourself the content of the classes.  

This term we are working towards our Annual Art Exhibition held at Excite Academy at the end of Term 3.  The students works from Raglan Neighbourhood classes will also be entered into this exhibition.  This exhibition is an incredibly valuable experience.  For more information visit https://www.exciteacademy.co.nz/neighbourhood-classes or email us on admin@exciteacademy.com.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.