Rhyder Cup Raglan Golf Club

Back in 2012 when the Raglan Golf Committee were looking for tournament ideas,Mitch the barman suggested they compete for the Mitch Cup! 

The committee called Mitch’s bluff! Mitch bought a trophy,set out the playing rules of 9 holes teams event in the morning and 9 holes individuals event in the afternoon and decided to have New Zealand born players competing against overseas members! Game on!!

Stu Doran long time member and treasurer said “We had no idea how long the Mitch Cup would last, but its now been 10 years in action with players loving the colonials versus international players format.”

To bring the Mitch Cup into modern times,a name change was required and it became the Rhyder Cup some 5 years ago.

Local golfers competed for the cup last Saturday with the International players gaining the win, 8-2.