Come home to a Permanent Vacation – Ca sa Del Sol 

If you’ve ever driven through Rangitahi Peninsula, you’ve likely caught a glimpse of the captivating oasis nestled on the west cove, a home that brilliantly brings the Mediterranean lifestyle to Raglan. This is Casa Del Sol, and with the help of Ray White’s Jullie Hanna, you could call this holiday abode a forever home. 

As owners Monica and Justin Grimshaw seek its newest residents alongside Julie’s trusted guidance, let’s take a step back to paint the complete picture of this once-in-a-lifetime property.

Walking down the floating entryway, I was immediately transported back to the illuminated coastlines of an Italian summer, a feeling Monica so profoundly captured during the build of this home. Over a fresh chai in the sun-soaked living room, we spoke about the vision for Casa del Sol.

“I’ve always wanted to create an authentic Mediterranean feel in my home one day,” she highlights as describing her time abroad, having spent her twenties along

European coastlines where her fascination for architecture was born.

While this image remained clear in her head, it wasn’t until the couple’s arrival in Raglan that inspiration struck, over 7 years ago. Having heard of a new community (Rangitahi Peninsula) focused on creating a sustainable and relaxed lifestyle amidst nature, Monica and Justin felt a curiosity calling.

“We immediately fell in love with the setting on the water looking out to Mount Karioi,” the two remark, clueing to why it only took the first lot viewing to “unpack the bags” and call Raglan home. 

“Raglan made me remember,” she reminisces, rejuvenating a memory of summer living along European beaches. 

Chasing the surf, sun, and  plenty of growing room for their two daughters, Monica and Justin broke ground in 2020, starting the 15-month build of the now Casa Del Sol.

Monica took her dream of a modern Mediterranean villa to Tane of Red Architecture, who brilliantly brought her ideas to light through the arched doorways and windows. The next part was the interior design of her dream home, a task she adopted with a pure natural talent. Cultivating a collection of her favorite features, with Justin as an enthusiastic backbone, she wanted to incorporate the various elements of seaside living while maintaining a Mediterranean villa essence. 

The Venetian plastered walls and arched doorways were essential components of the build. In complement to these necessities, many of the home’s brilliant features were born out of pure fascination. The kitchen counter, for example, was something that Monica played around with, trying to create a rounded island with an authentic terracotta finish, giving it a modern yet old Mediterranean style. With Justin’s expertise in eco-home insulation, he propelled Monica to keep dreaming. She sat at the forefront as head interior designer while he acted behind the scenes, incorporating a green-thumb principle with state-of-the-art thermal insulation plans. Now that’s a power couple right there.

“Our ideas blended together so well,” they both remark. This reason alone prompted the couple to put their masterpiece on the market, hungry for more projects driven by passion.

Having perfected the holiday-at-home feeling, the Grimshaws have created something unique and innovative, leaving no surprise how the house has gained such popularity. Having known Julie as a trusted friend for years, the two are confident of finding Casa Del Sol’s newest habitats.

Built by passion and made for the modern family, this holiday forever home awaits your arrival. For more inquiries, be sure to get in touch with Julie Hanna from Ray White 0274418964.

by Jordan Bastian

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