Share the Stoke; A Q&A with Adrenaline Alley

As the world’s leading manufacturer of kites and paragliders, Ozone has been providing adrenaline seekers with unparalleled “stoke” for years, a key concept in mind for new owners Morgan Coster and partner Bibiana as they embark on their new journey of heading up Raglan’s own Ozone NZ, cleverly cueing the name Adrenaline Alley. 

Ozone NZ first made its Raglan debut in 2017, with the previous owner, Matt Taggart, providing the community with means to ride the wind. Since then, the business has grown into a collection house of fun, retailing top-of-the-line kites, paragliders, and foils, all powered by the thrill of the ocean. 

After an evening Q&A with the Adrenaline crew (Morgan Coster, Bibiana Peterson, Francois-Xavier, and Alina Kara) it was clear that passion and dedication are at the forefront of this exciting turnover; with a humble beginning – 

Morgan and Bibi, what was it that brought you to Raglan initially? 

Kiting brought us out here and essentially to one another. When I came here after travelling and saw kiting for the first time, I was immediately convinced, so I packed my bags, put a kite in my hands, and never looked back. 

When did you first meet Matt Taggart and fall in with Ozone NZ? 

We met at Wainamu Beach while I was living in Hamilton as a tool-maker engineer. The then Ozone R&D team discussed building prototype pieces and how long the process takes from idea to in-hand product. Chiming in, I told the crew I could have those pieces in their hands by the next day. We have been mates ever since, and by the end of 2016, I started working for him in the retail shop down Volcom Lane, helping to grow the business by learning and puzzling pieces together till they fit. 

Where did the name Adrenaline Alley originate from? 

We have been talking about changing the name for a while now to better encompass the shop’s nature. Being the leading distributor for Ozone NZ, and with a building repertoire of brands, like Armstong foils, WayDoo, and more, the original name felt restricting. In addition, as all these sports are adrenaline-based, the name Adrenaline Alley better suits the shop’s personality. 

How did the change of hands and transition go over?

Matt and I had been playing with this idea for a long time, so it has been in the pipeline since the early days. Going from an engineer to the owner has been a remarkable journey, jumping in at the deep every step of the way. With that in mind, there has been a lot of learning over the years. This business has been an incredibly educational and rewarding process that we will continue to learn from. 

What is your mission for Adrenaline Alley? 

Take over New Zealand by selling the stoke. In truth, we want to get more people, old and young involved in this ever-growing sport we love and share the adrenaline-based froth it inspires. 

What has been your favorite part of this process? 

Being able to create it, taking it from an idea, playing around with different pieces and concepts to build what it is today. Now the shop and its copious resources allow us to welcome new people to the sport in arguably the best playground we call home. But, in all honesty, it all comes down to sharing the stoke. 

For instance, winging has attracted such a vast demographic, from the older windsurfers guys down to the young groms pushing the limits on a foil, creating such a unique community; and it is one where everyone looks out for one another, no matter what. From helping to launch kites to sharing gear, everyone is there for a good time. 

Bibi, what about you? 

As the cheerleading squad, I have been able to watch this business grow in the incredible ways it has, and watching “Morgs” go from employee to the all-hands-on-deck owner has been an incredibly inspiring journey to be a part of.

Are there any exciting plans for the shop looking forward? 

Wind is free, and creating fun from it is easier than ever with the technology we now have in the shop. Getting more kids involved in this endorphin-releasing and stoke-providing sport is something I would like to add to the community. 

In light of sharing the “froth,” as Bibi would say, the team at Adrenaline Alley will offer a free foil lesson to whoever reads this article and makes it down to the shop first.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to 2 John Street and join the adrenaline movement. To stay connected with the Adrenaline team, check out their website: or give them an Insta follow @adrenalinealley_

By Jordan Bastian

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