Raglan Art gears up for 2023 Summer Show

Following on from the big numbers involved in art during Labour weekend comes the 2023 Summer Show featuring members of RaglanArt. This proactive group has monthly meetings and critique sessions and includes experienced and highly regarded local artists. Work by 10 of the artists will be on show in the Town Hall Supper Room from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, December 2–3. 

The artists sent example images and a few words on their practice. 

Lindsey Baker says: “I continue to paint large paintings that explore both the urban and rural landscape throughout NZ. These paintings are detailed and take many weeks to complete. I am also exploring a looser style with small paintings based around our local landscape.” 

Wanda Barker explores shadow and light, the abject and forbidden, decay, beauty and restoration in her layered and colourful works. Overlaid with text and drippy thick paint, she remakes discarded and forgotten crafts found half done and moth-eaten in op shops. 

Loesje de Bree says, “I paint and sculpt as if my life depends on it, which is actually and probably true! Art-making creates opportunities to share my stories as well as the stories of others. Reflection on life gives life meaning!” 

Catherine Houston’s subject matter shows the interaction of structures and figures on the landscape and her garden. Her paintings are both expressive and semi-abstract, using bold colour and collage. Catherine’s intention is to convey a sense of place in her paintings. 

Toni Kingstone works predominantly in acrylic, metallic pigments and resin to create flowing, abstract seascapes and landscapes that capture the mystical light of dusk and dawn. 

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