The Yard Sale: rebelling against fast fashion

In a world overrun by disposable fashion and cookie-cutter trends, there’s a rebellious undercurrent challenging the mainstream narrative. Enter the scene of thrifting and vintage clothing—a counter-culture uprising against fast-fashion. 

Forget the mass-produced monotony; this is a rebellion fueled by a desire for authenticity, sustainability, and a little edge. We’re talking about sifting through racks of the unexpected, unearthing threads that carry whispers of the past and wear their history with pride. And where does this rebellion culminate? None other than The Yard Sale, previously the Raglan Vintage Market, curated by local resident Channelle Ruawai.

The Chronicle caught up with Channelle ahead of the next Yard Sale on Saturday, December 2.

What inspired you to start the Raglan Vintage Markets/the Yard Sale?

I was driven by inspiration to develop a shopping experience that merges clothing, fashion, art, and music. With the philosophy of ‘less is more’ the aim is to promote sustainability, affordability and fulfill the diverse needs of the community in style.

What do you enjoy most about thrifting?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of thrifting is its economic and sustainable nature. Additionally, it offers the thrill of discovering a unique vintage piece and evokes a sense of nostalgia. 

Who or what inspires your personal style? 

Forever Rihanna cause she has mad style! And nofaithstudios has been inspiring me at moment. 

How long have the markets been running for and when did the name change happen?

We started as one stall pop up in 2021 and last month we rebranded as ‘The Yard Sale’. Aptly named, as it takes place at The Yard Cafe, within The Yard.

Our new brand identity aims to appeal to a broader audience.

What can people expect from the next market coming up in December?

Expect a bunch of pre-loved and vintage clothing, OG streetwear, local designers, music, art and tooth gems. We offer a diverse range of fashion choices that cater to individual tastes and preferences. 

The Yard Sale, pre-loved, OG streetwear and vintage clothing market, 10am – 3pm, Saturday, December 2, The Yard Raglan, Volcom Lane. Playlist by Kaea.

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