Whaaingaroa Youthwork Collective (Te Whakaruruhau Mahuri) Rangatahi page

For this edition of the Whaaingaroa Youthwork Collective (Te Whakaruruhau Mahuri) rangatahi page, we interviewed Summer Diprose. Summer shares her wisdom and passion for music, Muay Thai, volunteering and more. We are grateful to Matua Johnny from the Refinery for all the opportunities he is providing for rangatahi in Whāingaroa.

The Rangatahi Page is about highlighting the positive impact and contribution youth create for our community. They are employed at local businesses, volunteer and support a variety of kaupapa. We acknowledge and are grateful for what rangatahi bring to Raglan.

Summer Diprose 

Kia ora Summer tell us about your life?

My name is Summer Diprose and I am currently a year 11 student at Raglan Area School. I have been at RAS for over a year and I have been really enjoying it and trying to find other things I enjoy in the community. One of the many things I have found a love for – and have been able to continue with in Raglan – is music. I have been able to go to the Rock Quest with the school. I was able to perform my own song with a group. I play the guitar and sing. I have been songwriting since I was 11. I got into music as I have grown up in a musical household. All my family plays an instrument, there’s always music around.

I love everything about living in Raglan, I love the views, I love the people and I especially love the summer time. I have a passion for motocross. I love doing motorcross. My brothers, my dad and me we all go and do trail rides and motocross comps all the time and it’s really cool.

Tell us about some more of your passions?

I have been really into Muay Thai for the past four years. It started off as a casual thing just going once a week and trying to get my fitness up, finding something I might enjoy, and this year it has led to having my first two fights at NZs biggest fight show. My home gym (as I would call it) is at the Refinery in Whāingaroa and my coach is Johnny Rickard. I receive so much love and support and coaching. Not just from Johnny but also Vince and Raph and all the crew. They help build you up. 

Tell us about your mahi?

One of the jobs I do is I work on the farm with my dad. I do milking, calving, tagging and everything that comes with that job. I do that every second weekend and on the alternative weekends I help my nana at her wedding venues doing catering etc. Finally I enjoy helping Johnny Rickard with a kids’ class at the Refinery. So every Tuesday at 4pm I help run a class for three to ten year olds who are learning basic punches and kicks, playing games and having fun. I feel good giving back because I know it’s improving their lives, the smiles on their faces, the laughs makes it all worth it.


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