Strength in Numbers: How our community can save lives through teamwork and forward planning.

The newest defibrillator is now installed in town thanks to friends Chris, Shannon, Sue and Donna. It looks fantastic in its Manukau Rd location at the Raglan Rest Home, ready to be of service to locals, businesses, and visitors in Raglan as well as to those working at the Raglan Rest Home. 

A massive thanks to those of you that came to the defibrillator training session at the Fire Station a couple of months ago, with over 50 people in our community turning up on a Monday lunchtime to receive tips and training as to how defibs work, where to find them, and the reality of using one in an emergency.  

The truth is, community confidence will save a life, and in such a tight-knit community the chances are it will be someone we know!   

We want to say another thanks to Dr Mike, Frank at the Fire Station, Jacqui at the Chronicle, Aaron at the Radio and all the cafes and shops that shared the training amongst their networks. This really is a numbers game; the more of us that are confident using this equipment, the more prepared we are to face an emergency, and save a life.  

Sue Hall and Donna Southwick of Lodge Real Estate so kindly funded the cost of the most recent two defibrillators in Raglan (Prime Response Car and Raglan Rest Home) and with more defibrillators dotted around the town the better we are to respond and save a life. The Prime response car now has a defibrillator on-board thanks to these efforts, and of course that is our out-of-hours service so it puts all of us in a much better situation! So, a huge thanks to Sue and Donna for their generosity and for being so practical with their response to the recent passing of Kyle Leuthart.  

We look forward to hosting another training session next year, and for those business and community groups who have made contact and are looking to extend their emergency preparedness, we are looking forward to having more of these conversations with you in 2024.  

I spoke with Chris Leuthart last week, he said, “The girls (Sue and Donna) have got this here and we are very proud to have it here. If it saves a life then it’s so worthwhile. This, and of course the one they put in the Prime Response car. It’s great to have one at this Trust Hospital (Raglan Rest Home) in case they ever need one; there are so many people working here and coming here – both staff and guests. The girls have been phenomenal, and without their support this would never have happened. Coming from the same industry as Kyle they know what it’s like, and they wanted to honour him.” 

In the meantime, please have a brilliant Christmas and New Year, and a huge thanks to Sue and Donna at Lodge for such a generous donation to this community.  

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