Introducing Raglan Sewing Service

Meet Raglan Business Chambers latest member and local resident Gila Cohen. We chatted to her about her Business Raglan Sewing Service and her mission to save clothes from landfill, one garment at a time!

Gilas sewing workshop is in the heart of Raglan West, she says “People always come in here wide-eyed, amazed at how much stuff I have in here!” 

With over 30 years of sewing experience, Gila is a seasoned expert, having studied industrial sewing in her 20s, before moving to Sydney to train in Theatre costume manufacturing and shoemaking. She is always happy to accept projects that other seamstresses would turn away.

The genesis of Raglan Sewing Service was rooted in a dream—to create a space that met the needs of the local community. From clothing repair and alterations to unique custom orders, Gila’s offerings continue to expand, now encompassing curtain hemming, indoor and outdoor squab and cushion covers, leather and canvas repairs, zipper replacements, and blind hemming.

“I have an amazing new supplier of outdoor fabrics and marine fabrics, so now I can make custom covers for outdoor furniture, marine squabs, bikes, BBQs… You name it!” 

Passionate about sustainability, Gila emphasizes the importance of clothing repair in an era dominated by fast fashion and throw away mentality.

“Clothing holds stories of the times it has been worn, places it’s been and through the memories they hold, they become something to be treasured. things may become faded, torn or have seen better days, but if something can be saved from landfill and there’s life left in it, it’s worth saving.”

To visit Gila at her sewing workshop, please phone or message on 0204 067 5439 or email to make an appointment.

This content is mae possible thanks to Raglan Shuttle.

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