Baking it better with attitude and heart

Good Bitches Baking aims to spread kindness throughout our community by offering a sweet moment to those facing challenges.

Anyone can embody the spirit of a Good Bitch; it’s an inclusive term that celebrates anyone willing to lend a hand and make a difference. You don’t need to be a baking expert; what truly counts is your kindness and willingness to contribute.

We chat with Anouska Sweetman, coordinator of the Raglan subchapter. 

What is GBB about and why was it set up?

Good Bitches Baking (GBB) is a network of volunteers across Aotearoa spreading kindness through the mechanism of baking.  It was founded in 2014 by Nic Murray and Marie Fitzpatrick, with our Hamilton chapter starting in 2015.  

In 2023, our Head Bitch, Fleur Cook, expanded our Hamilton chapter with subchapters in Cambridge, Morrinsville, Te Awamutu, Matamata, and then, our Raglan chapter sharing their first box of kindness in March 2024.  Our Hamilton chapter has over 300 volunteers who give 80 boxes a week to over 60 Waikato recipients. 

A Good Bitch is an inclusive term for a person that supports us with a passion for baking and spreading kindness in the community.

I discovered GBB through a sponsored ad and I was immediately drawn to it’s kaupapa.  The women in my family love to bake and and I have always shared kai with family, friends and neighbours; so I contacted GBB through their website and was linked to Fleur who I worked with to get our subchapter running in Raglan.

We are fortunate to have local GB’s who were actively participating in spreading their kindness in Hamilton, so it was a very smooth start for Raglan. 

What is my role?

My role is the Raglan subchapter Local Support Good Bitch, being the eyes and the ears in the local community distributing boxes, flyers and providing support to local GB’s and local recipients.

How is the Raglan Subchapter going to work?

Local GB’s set their preferences for baking and are rostered accordingly.  When its our time to spread kindness, we bake and deliver boxes of home made delights to our recipient organisations. 

What support is needed from local bakers?

We have hit the ground running but are in need of more bakers willing to support our local community and the GBB kaupapa.  You don’t have to be an amazing baker as it’s the intention that goes into the act of kindness where the magic is felt by both giver and the receiver. More bakers will allow us to expand our recipient list.  We need to balance supply and demand.

How do people get in touch?

Simply head to our volunteer page on the website and register your interest (link below).  Please ensure you select the Hamilton Chapter.  From there Fleur can assign you to our Raglan subchapter.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our community by sharing kindness through homemade treats.

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