Raglan Police report

In the last 4 weeks, Raglan Police has received 81 reports, including:

21 x Family Harm incidents,

16 x Dishonesty Offending includes Theft (6), Shoplifting (3), Fraud (2), Burglary (3), Unlawfully Takes Motor Vehicle (1), Aggravated Robbery (1),

7 x Traffic incidents including crashes, driving complaints, sustained loss of traction (burnouts),

3 x Drink Driving offences,

1 x Water Rescues,

6 x Assaults, including serious injury and Aggravated Assaults,

Lots of Found Property handed into the station.  If you’ve lost something, come down and see if we have it here at the station.

Not quite sure what the reason is for the upsurge in criminal offending lately but we are certainly noticing the increase.

Sustained Loss of Traction (commonly known as burnouts) is increasing again in frequency.  The black tyre marks can be seen all around the streets in town, out on SH23 and out at Wainui Reserve.  This is not a victim-less offence.  People have been seriously hurt as spectators, drivers, passengers, and annoyed residents. Nearby residents are woken by the noise of the burnouts while they hope and pray that some out of control car doesn’t come through their fence or house and hurt their family.

We all know it’s happening and most of us want it stopped.  We need you to help us stop this behaviour.  It will take buy-in from you, the community, as a whole, and from Police. Firstly we need you to ring 111 when the burnouts are happening. If you ring each and every time you hear or see this happening, it won’t take long for our supervisors to see the extent of this problem we have here in Raglan. This may encourage them to provide more coverage. The other reason we need these incidents reported is that there may be a Police unit in Raglan at the time it is occurring, even during the wee night hours. Units from out of town and the Impairment Unit (Booze Bus) often come out to patrol at night while you’re tucked up asleep.  

To be able to impound a vehicle for Sustained Loss of Traction, we have to have evidence of offending – a cell phone recording of a vehicle doing burnouts, or a vehicle registration number and a statement from someone saying they saw a vehicle performing burnouts. Going onto the Noticeboard FB page and moaning about the vehicles doing burnouts is not evidence.

If these incidents, and others, don’t get reported, how are we supposed to know they are happening?  Don’t assume someone else will call 111, YOU call 111.  It doesn’t matter if we get 10 calls about the same incident – in fact that would be awesome as it will show the community has had a guts full of these drivers and their antics.  

Let’s all get in together to make our town a safe town for everyone.

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