Social line dancing at the Raglan Club

The Chronicle talks to Louisa Icke who has been building a social line dancing community around live country music since 2022. 

Locals are loving this experience so we had to find out more.

When did you start classes in Raglan and why?

I started teaching West Coast Swing in NZ in 2003 and in March 2021 I started in Raglan to bring some social partner dancing back locally. When I happened to find out the Raglan Club was bringing an extremely talented country performer out regularly, I jumped at this perfect opportunity to build a local social dancing community around great live country music. In the good company of Beth & Eve from Otorohanga, we started classes in June 2022.

What is your background in line dancing and how did you discover it?

I found line dancing and many other dance styles when I was 14 years old. I loved country music and dragged my grunge and metal music loving friends out to a little honky tonk that had a weekly family night with live country bands. It wasn’t long before everyone swapped their baggy jeans for Wranglers, boots and hats and we never looked back.

I’ve observed friends become passionate about the classes. 

What do you think makes it so appealing to learn?

Line dancing is something anyone can jump in and learn (even if you have two left feet). It’s great for your body, your brain and your heart and is super social!  

You can come on your own, with friends or bring the kids with you. There are always new faces that join us and plenty of familiar faces too. Dancing to the performance of an excellent musician creates an unmatchable vibe. There is no fee for the class. There’s a full bar, restaurant and a nice dance floor at the ready.

Describe a typical session?

Every “Raglan Country Night” from 5:30 pm we learn one new beginners line dance to get you started and squeeze in a couple of revisions from previous weeks. From 6 – 9 pm we get to dance to amazing entertainment from James Ray Country. Top this with dinner and a bevy from Raglan Club and it makes for a fantastic evening out.

Who are classes popular with?

Everyone joins us!  We’ve had toddlers, teens and travellers, families, friends, our longest retired and everything in between.  All are welcome, so come on down, say hi and join us!

Is it difficult to learn the steps and routines?

The 5:30 lesson always includes a beginner level dance, so anyone can give it a go. Someone with zero dance experience will easily learn one new dance that very night. We usually practise our new dance several times to help it stick. We’ve found after 2 or 3 classes folks are feeling a lot more confident about the dances they’ve learned and much more comfortable hopping up on the floor with us.

What kind of local feedback have you had?

I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone!  People often seem surprised at how much fun they’ve had, that they got a bit of exercise, how great the entertainment is, and how welcoming everyone is. 

How do people get in touch if they too want to try it?

You’re welcome to show up at 5:30 pm for any Country Thursday night, which is every Thursday except the last Thursday of the month.  If you’re not a Raglan Club member we’re all happy to sign you in so you can try it. 

If you have any questions email me at or txt/call 0210303780. For updates join our FB group danceraglanwcs, follow my FB page WCSRaglanNZ or IG @louisaalixicke

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