Talking to Raglan Botanical & Anya Silver Jewellery

The Local Rag hears from Fabi Henderson owner of Raglan Botanical and Anya Silver Jewellery about her path in business and her recent business developments. 

What is the back story that lead you to where you are now?

After 15 years working in a jewellery shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil I embarked on a journey and started travelling.

I came to NZ about 20 years ago but only to later relocate to New York City for a brief period of two years, dedicating myself to further studies of diamond expertise at GIA and work in a jewellery shop in a diamond district in Manhattan.

Upon returning to New Zealand to establish a family, marrying a Kiwi from Raglan, I found myself pondering the next chapter. Driven by my passion for essential oils, I am undertaking an Aromatherapy course to assist others with managing stress and nurturing emotional well-being. Recognising the profound connection between scent and memory, I became a certified Aromatherapist, founding Raglan Botanicals Aromatherapy to provide guidance and safe usage of Essential Oils formulating Therapeutic Products and Natural Skincare.

Yet, my journey didn’t end there. Four years later, I felt a longing for my roots in jewellery, prompting me to rekindle that aspect of my career. Anya Silver Jewellery was born, where I applied the wealth of knowledge of natural gemstones in quality 925 sterling silver jewellery.

After establishing my first shop at Made, Hamilton East, I’ve recently expanded my reach by opening a second location in Raglan town. With this new endeavour, I’m excited to continue growing and serving the community. Here’s to the journey ahead, filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for further enrichment.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of moving into new locations to expand their business?

Patience and persistence. Expansion takes time and success may not happen overnight. Stay patient, stay focused, and remain committed to your long-term vision for the business. 

Having two businesses and two product lines must take a lot of time and energy.  

Yes, lots of dedication involved but it’s really fun, especially when I can use my background knowledge.

What is a key aspect of business advice that you have learned and would be happy to share? 

Being open to new ideas and continuously learning about your niche.

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