Update from the Raglan Football Club

What’s in a game? Winning and losing. But mainly, it’s the taking part! We have heard amazing news from the Sealions who are sucking goals out of the opposition, consistently for the last three weeks. GO SEALIONS.

And then there is the annihilation taking place elsewhere in the Club. But how awesome that our players are having the capacity to stay on the pitch and keep pushing through in the face of adversity. To re-tie their laces, look at their teammates, drive the ball up the pitch, and sneak a goal in before the whistle blows! 

Football is such a watchable sport and a lot of us have hoarse voices after a sunny Saturday of screaming from the sidelines. I heard a visiting parent say, “Wow what great support they have down here,” so well done Raglan whānau for turning out to support the players. 

This week we loved the opposition player of the day from Te Awamutu, and the sportsmanship at the end of the match by some of our ‘fun-football’ juniors. 

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