Stitching Together Community and Creativity

In our beautiful small coastal town, a group of passionate individuals gathers weekly to celebrate the art of sewing. 

The Learn to Sew Club, founded by the Budget Service Raglan Community House in April 2024, is a hub for creativity, sustainability, and community connection.

Every Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm, the Raglan Community House transforms into a bustling sewing haven. 

The club welcomes all ages and skill levels, embodying its mission to support people in developing life skills while promoting sustainable practices like mending, upcycling, and reducing waste.

With up to 15 sewing machines available, members have the opportunity to dive into a variety of projects, from crafting stylish bags and clothing to making practical items like machine covers and hot water bottle cosies. 

In addition, the club provides materials and equipment for members to use, and there’s always a helping hand – experienced members generously share their skills, offering guidance to those eager to learn.

Beyond the joy of creating, the Learn to Sew Club is deeply committed to giving back to the community. 

Members take on charitable projects, such as crafting draft stoppers for CEWH Healthy Homes, embodying the club’s ethos of making a positive impact locally.

It also has Partnerships with local businesses and organizations, like the Tool Shed Whaingaroa Environment Centre, which ensures the club’s sustainability and growth.

The sewing club isn’t just about stitching fabric together and conquering new techniques – it’s about weaving bonds and creating memories, having a laugh and sharing life stories over a cup of tea and cookie. 

The club’s inclusive atmosphere ensures that everyone feels welcome, leaving the Community House inspired and with a smile on their face, plus a new, unique hand crafted piece. 

Best of all, participation in the sewing club is free, with a large selection of donated fabric, cottons and ribbons inspiring creative ideas.  

For those curious about joining or wanting more information, contacting the Raglan Community House or simply showing up on a Wednesday afternoon is all it takes to get started on a sewing adventure. Whether you’re an experienced sewer or just beginning your stitching journey, there’s always room at the table – and plenty of fabric to go around. So grab your scissors and thread, and join in the joy of sewing with the Learn to Sew Club!

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