Swinging for a Cause, One Hole at a Time

Swinging a golf club for 24-hours straight might sound a bit mad but Zane Jowsey is doing just that – and it’s all in the name of a good cause.

Raising money for a wheelchair-accessible van for Hillcrest High School’s Physical Assistance Centre his son Max attends is the motivation behind Zane’s golfing marathon.

From June 21 at 4pm to 4pm the next day, Zane is taking on the Te Kowhai Golf Course for a whole day and night of non-stop golfing madness.

“Max is a student at Hillcrest High School and a superstar in a wheelchair. The school’s Physical Assistance Centre has been a game-changer for Max and many other students,” Zane says.

Every dollar raised will go directly towards purchasing the van, a much-needed resource to provide a level of independence, and ease for the staff getting the students out and about in the world.

Currently the school relies on parents to support field trips or incur the costs of hiring a wheelchair accessible van.

Max was three-months old when he suffered his first seizure and the seizures have affected his ability to walk and talk.

Zane says that over the years they have tried lots of different medications and have found something that is keeping the seizures under control for now.

Like many 18-year-olds, Max loves spending time outdoors and enjoys being in the water and, Zane laughs, he could eat a horse.

Zane and his wife Rachel are born-and-bred locals. Zane’s grandfather went farming at Te Mata after WWII and Zane still runs the quarry, travelling in the opposite direction for work from the rest of Raglan. 

The family only left the town they love to be closer to Hillcrest, which can provide for Max’s needs.

“The school is great; there are 17 students in the classroom, most are high needs, and 10 are in wheelchairs. But it’s just like a normal classroom” Zane says.

Most importantly, the teacher and teacher aids have heaps of fun with the students and provide access to educational opportunities much like their peers have.

When the Jowseys moved to Whatawhata five years ago, Zane discovered a passion for golf at the Te Kowhai Golf Course where he will undertake his 24-hour challenge.

With sunset around 6pm, Zane will be navigating much of the time on the greens in darkness, armed with a golf club and a headlamp to light the way.

“There will be missed swings, wild shots, and probably some conversations with imaginary golf buddies to keep me sane. It’s going to be a hilarious and exhausting adventure, but every swing is worth it if it means more freedom and opportunities for Max and his friends.”

Visit givealittle.co.nz/cause/zanes-24-hour-golf-quest-for-mobility to show your support.

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