Adored folk artist, Sneaky Bones hits town next week

Raglan locals are set for a very special night when Acclaimed US multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and adored folk artist, Sneaky Bones hits town, playing at The Old School Arts Centre on Sunday 24th November!
Matthew Bean, who writes and performs under the pseudonym Sneaky Bones, returns to NZ for his second epic nationwide tour, this time with the full band! The band will set out on tour across New Zealand to support his recently released third full-length record – Strangers I’ve Already Met. Bean will be joined in NZ by Marshall Wildman on drums and Austin Webb on bass and guitar.

Strangers I’ve Already Met was released on May 17 with a month of full band shows across Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway). The release tour received critical and audience acclaim, not only selling out rooms in Norway and Germany, but also selling out their stock of physical copies (LP and CD) while on the road.

Bean has been spreading the waters of folk, country, rock, grunge and soul in songs that are daring and ambitious but sound effortless. His live shows have been hailed as transcendent throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Scandinavia and New Zealand, and now he’s released his masterful third album, a multi-genre-spanning trip.

On one hand, Bean is retracing and re-framing the roots of folk, country, rock, grunge and soul because he loves the music madly, but on a deeper level, he filters their influence – adding his own magical force along the way – and in the process pushes the music forward.