Animals Get Goose Bumps Too

As we get further into winter and the weather gets colder, we start to light our fires, turn on our heaters, bask in the warmth under our blankets, and drink our hot drinks. Our cats and dogs love to curl up next to us to soak up the warmth.

Some of our pets however live outside and just like their humans they can get cold too.  The fur covering an animal acts as protection and gives some warmth over the colder months, but despite this when it is very cold outside, our furry animals also need some help staying comfortable outside. So how can we make winter more enjoyable for our outside pets? Provide adequate shelter away from the elements and protection from the wind. It could be as simple as placing their kennels behind a wall, inside the garage or putting up a temporary shelter.

Kennels or beds should be raised off the ground to avoid cold draughts, and should be well insulated, with a sloped roof, and an adequate drainage system, to keep the inside dry. Winter bedding should be warm with lots of blankets. If your pet likes to rip up blankets you can staple carpet down on the kennel floor for extra padding and warmth.  Remember to always use nontoxic materials

You will need to feed a good quality food, as this will help to give your pet the energy they need to keep their body temperature up and not use fat reserves. Make sure fresh water is always available and is not frozen.

Remember our senior pets need extra care. They often have arthritis or joint pain and the cold damp weather can worsen these conditions; if you see your pet slowing down, please talk to your vet about a treatment plan.

There are many different types and sizes of animal coats you can buy. They will provide the pet with an extra layer which is practically important for short haired dog’s, older or younger animals.

Cats will instinctively find a place of warmth, but that place could sometimes be dangerous, for example, beneath a car or in the motor! By providing the option of a nice warm shelter in an outside area, such as access to garden sheds or wood sheds can make their winter months more enjoyable, warmer, and much safer.

Keep your fur babies warm this winter.

The Anexa Raglan Team 👍