Update of Anexa Vet services under Covid-19 Alert Level 4

Hi everyone, we know you have a lot on your minds at the moment, remember we’re here to help. If you need assistance please phone as you normally would on (07) 825 8390.

On-farm vet services will continue

Call if you need product – delivery and pick up available

Technician dry cow and teat sealant services available

Anexa’s facial eczema, spore count monitoring service will continue (A huge THANK YOU to our monitor farms).

Pet Health Vet Services for sick animals and emergencies will be operating out of our Thames, Morrinsville, Huntly and Raglan clinics.

Pet Health supplies are available, please call to place your order.


As an essential service, we will continue to visit farms. Continuing to provide our production animal services is important for the ongoing health and welfare of your herd and/or flock.

If you or a family member is unwell, please let us know when you book the call – it is essential we minimise the risk to yourselves and Anexa staff.

Our vets can meet healthy clients on-farm but will maintain a safe distance of at least 2m apart as per government guidelines. Alternatively, let us know where the animal is so the vet can examine the animal, and then the vet can discuss the case over the phone. Our staff will continue to follow high biosecurity standards. We have put physical distancing protocols in place for our technicians to ensure we can keep our dry cow and teat sealant service working.

We appreciate during the lockdown you may choose to remain on-farm. Our team are available to deliver product to your farm or a collection point of your choice.

It is important to continue preventative measures against disease on your farm.

We strongly recommend that you continue treating animals with zinc to protect against facial eczema. If you are unsure about the spore count situation, please contact your vet regarding spore count sampling specific to your farm.

If your animals are due for drenching, please drench your animals – due to such dry weather followed by rain, we are expecting worm burden to be high at the moment.

Dairy Farmers

Not undertaking an appropriate dry off procedure (e.g. antibiotic DCT and/or teat sealant use) may lead to increased risk of clinical mastitis over the dry period and into subsequent lactation with significant impacts on animal health and welfare, and milk quality. Similarly delaying dry off too late may result in loss of too much body condition score, poorer health and reproductive outcomes next lactation with long-term consequences for the herd.

If you have not completed your Milk Quality Consult (MQC) yet please contact us to book it now. Where possible, we will conduct MQCs by phone or video as an alternative to a face-to-face meeting.


Anexa’s pet veterinary services are still available at our Raglan clinic. During the level 4 lock down our focus will be on sick animals and emergencies.

Pet products – please phone ahead with your orders.

Stray animals – please do not bring to the clinic, we are unable to accept them, instead please phone animal control

If your pet is sick and needs to visit the vet, it’s going to look a little different than usual. Our staff are taking every precaution to lower risk and keep safe – we hope you are too.

We’re here to work with you, and we are prepared to be flexible.

Call us when yo  need us

Phone ahead for all products and appointments

Help us, help you – tell us how

Need more details about our changes to services? Check our www.anexa.co.nz or sign up to our email www.anexa.co.nz/newsletters

Be kind, stay home, wash your hands and little by little, working together we will get through this.

The Anexa Raglan Team