Art to Wear 2018

It’s a little bit embarrassing for me to admit, but this was the first time I’ve attended the bi-annual Raglan Art to Wear Show.

Every two years we usually see Jean and her crew frantically running around organizing everything and every two years the photos come into the Chronicle office and it looks absolutely stunning.

So to watch the show live and see all the hard work come to fruition was an absolute pleasure.

There were five different sections for this year’s show:

The show opened with the children’s section ‘Circus Circus’ which was a multicoloured display of carnival antics. I was blown away by the quality of the kids entries, from the ideas and execution of the garment, to the modelling and showmanship shown on the stage what a bunch of little professionals.

The ‘Paua Power’ section was a dazzling show in iridescent hues of greens, pinks, purples and blues. Some entries a more literal translation of the paua shell and others a more conceptual interpretation of what the paua shell represents.

The upcycled section was a feat in ingenuity with over 80% of the materials used in the garment being repurposed material.  The category winner for this section was one of my favourites with the pair of Catholic-inspired pieces reminiscent of Alexander McQueen.

A new category this year, the ‘Heads Up: Mystery Box’ section produced some of the most spectacular pieces of the show. I really felt for the judges in this section with the quality of the entries being so high. Long-time judge Wanda Barker noted that judging is always exceptionally hard and a lot of the time it really comes down to small details like the final finishing on a garment that could push an entry over the line. The supreme winner, ‘Liberated’ by Annick Faubert and Candide Lecourtois was a spectacular interpretation of the roaring twenties that touched on the women’s liberation movement. Model for ‘Liberated’, Ruth Hare was another highlight of the night who really worked the garment and added some spice to the show. In fact, all the models that participated were so great at showcasing their garments and really made the pieces shine.

The final section, ‘Kaitiakitanga’, had some thoughtful pieces that reflected elements of nature and the importance of looking after the Earth. Earthy tones and textures were represented in this category with some show-stopping moments. I felt goosebumps when the category winner, ‘Manaia’ by Kay Buchanan, walked down the catwalk. The model’s purposeful movements and the beautiful tooling work on the leather garment made for an exquisite finale to an overall spectacular show.

This year was Jean’s 10th year organising this event and every year it seems to go from strength to strength. A great addition to Raglan’s event calendar, I can’t wait for the next one in two years’ time.

Maki Nishiyama

All images thanks to Desmond Nielsen.

Full list of Raglan Art to Wear winners 2018:

PEOPLES CHOICE – Liberated by Annick Faubert and Candide Lecourtois

TOP MODEL – Manaia – Aiya van Kooten (make up artist, model and collaborator of costume)


PAUA POWER – Sponsored by LJ Hooker

Highly Commended  – I Te Moana Hikurangi by Greta Glover

3rd – Princess Peacock by Charlotte Collier

2nd – Kua of Moana by Chloe, Ella and Maria

1st – Power Rangers by Mariella Brunton

HEADS UP MYSTERY BOX – Sponsored by Raglan Kopua Holiday Park

Highly Commended    You’re Running out of Time by Natalie Sims

3rd – Time Flies my Dear by Kristel Lindfield

2nd – Snow Queen by Amy West

1st – Liberated by Annick Faubert and Candide Lecourtois

UPCYCLED – Sponsored by Xtreme Waste and Raglan Landscaping

Highly Commended  – The Joker by Danielle Gordon

3rd – Ampritrite – Mercury Mermaid by Liz Hosking

2nd – The Extreme Queen by Prue Teddy and Alicia Baker

1st – Angelus Rediviuus by Tracey Lee-Smith

KAITIAKITANGA – Sponsored by Meridian

Highly Commended  – Life of the Underground by Amber Hood

3rd – Ayla of the Possum Hunting Clan by Ayla and Kristel Linfield

2nd – Child of Tane and Pakoti by Marianne Aschenbrenner

1st – Manaia by Kay Buchanan

SUPREME AWARDS – ADULT Sponsored by Meridian Energy

3rd –  Angelus Rediviuus by Tracey Lee-Smith

2nd – Manaia by Kay Buchanan

1st – Liberated by Annick Faubert and Candide Lecourtois

CIRCUS CIRCUS – Sponsored by Raglan Lions

Highly Commended  – Candy Floss by Isla Limbert

Highly Commended – The Lipizzaner Lamp by Cassidy Hanna

3rd – The Circus Animal Swing Ride by Matta Daniels

2nd – The Travelling Circus Surprise by Nikau, Vida, Luna, Stella, Zaira

1st – Judy Big Booty by Milly, Molly and Nina

TOP MODEL – Sponsored by Raglan Lions

SUPREME AWARDS – CHILDRENS – Sponsored by Raglan Lions

2nd – Judy Big Booty by Milly, Molly and Nina

1st – Ayla of the Possum Hunting Clan by Ayla and Kristel Linfield

CREATIVE YOUTH AWARD 13 – 17 YEARS – Sponsored by Raglan Lions

Life of the Underground by Amber Hood

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