Out with the old shed and in with the new Creative Space

Work is underway behind the Raglan Old School Arts Centre for the new Creative Space building.

Gone are the two garages that were once the Clay Shed and the Lions Op Shop sorting shed and in their place is the recently completed foundation for the new building.

The multi-purpose building will take shape over the next few months and Clay Shed coordinator Susanne Prinz says it will be a labour of love with community businesses, organisations and individuals playing their part in the build.

“We are very lucky to have an amazing community in Raglan who are willing to jump on board with financial assistance, offers of equipment, skills and some good old Kiwi hard graft.”

Rob Poolton’s Raglan Excavation excavated the foundation and completed the foundation pad. Assisting with this were Tom Jowsey from Te Mata Quarries who provided free disposal of debris at their site and supplied the base metal for the new foundation.

Four Square Raglan owner Satnam Bains lent his forklift for free to allow items to be moved around the site.

When an old water pipe ruptured, P&L Plumbing’s Peter Moir came to the rescue at short notice to ensure the kids clay classes had water supply for their afternoon sessions.

Despite all the building work, centre manager Jacqueline Anderson says the Old School is still open for business and the Raglan Creative Market continues to operate rain or shine.

Kid’s Clay classes and other Clay Shed member activities are being held in the arts studio in the St Lazarus building behind the Old School.

“Although the new building is a big undertaking we are well-prepared to keep delivering great events, workshops, movies and music as usual.”

Janine Jackson