Tarot Talk – Four of Cups

Hello again from Tarot Talk – a weekly column in which I introduce a Tarot card for the week and provide a little information about it.  I hope you continue to enjoy this space.

This week’s card is the Four of Cups.  The person shown on this card is seated on the ground, arms folded across their chest.  In front of them three cups can be seen but a fourth is on offer however they are ignoring or not seeing this offer.  Fours represent structure and stability and Cups represent the emotions and the element of water. 

4 Cups

When water is contained, it stops moving and becomes stagnant.  Something is missing and you may be yearning for something but don’t know what.  The Four of Cups can indicate that now is the time to start making long term plans.  It’s a  time to meditate and to contemplate.  Although you may be feeling depressed and discontented, remain optimistic and don’t ignore opportunities that may present themselves.  New starts, new directions and new hope are all indicated. This card could say that you are ignoring an opportunity that exists or that you may do so if you don’t keep alert to all and every possibility. 

This card can also sometimes suggest that we are afraid to allow change because we might lose what we have already.  We hang on, refusing to look at possible alternatives.  It could be that you just have to start to make a move in a new direction before a new opportunity will manifest itself.  Remember that change is constant and it is usually better to make changes ourselves rather than have life force them on us.

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