Junior surfers off to California

Five students from Raglan Area School have been selected in the New Zealand Junior Team to compete at the World Junior Surfing Championships starting this weekend on the 26th October and running through to the 3rd of November at Huntington Beach, California, USA.

RAS students in the photo from left to right are Jayden Willoughby Under 16s, Tom Robinson Under 16s, Brie Bennet Under 16 Girls, Jack Lee Under 18s, Caleb Cutmore Under 18s Raglan Area Schools Surfing Academy teacher/coach Larry Fisher will be the coach of the team. Larry coached the New Zealand Junior team for 6 straight years from 2005-2011. After five of his students were selected for the team he thought this year would be a great time to get back into the International Competition and try and help coach his students to success.

It is a team of twelve surfers. So having 5 from Raglan Area School is a great achievement for a town like Raglan. With surfing now being an Olympic sport there is expected to be more than 50 countries fielding full teams.

You can watch their progress surfing live or check the results on the official website https://isasurf.org/juniors/2019/en/news/