RAS students become young entrepreneurs

Raglan Area School’s Year 9-10 students are working hard to complete an annual Social Science project – Dragon’s Den; a fundraiser for the Year 9-10 camp to Mount Maunganui.

The students are required to create a business with a unique name, logo, slogan, and products. They are allowed to work in groups or pairs and have presented to a group of “dragons”, who voice their opinion on the student’s businesses and ask questions. The project is inspired by the shows Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank.

The students had a big opportunity to sell their products to the public on Wednesday the 18th of September. The market was held outside the Year 9-10 classrooms on a bright and sunny day. Members of the community and parents from town came to visit and enjoy the festivities and browse the big range of products, including fry bread burgers, homemade chocolates, bamboo straws, crystal pendants, and carved rimu spoons, to name a few. The stalls were a big hit with the customers, and everyone managed to make a lot of money towards their school camp; some meeting the goal of $100.

As we work through this project, we are learning how to be entrepreneurs and start a small creative business. We work with money and customers, and deal with the creation and demand for products. These skills will likely help us in the future.

This project was one of our biggest, toughest, and most enjoyable Social Science assignments of the year, and has inspired me to expand on my own business idea, Sugar Rush, which I hope will continue to grow. Some businesses are still selling! Keep a lookout for any small events in town or at Raglan Area School.

Ayla Standley