Raglan Surf Lifesaving

The Chronicle caught up with newly qualified life guards Sienna Harding & Megan Abrams.

Tell us about what you and other local lifeguards have achieved.

Since April we have been training for our lifeguard qualification to become qualified lifeguards. This was challenging at times and at some points we wanted to give up but we worked really really hard to achieve our goal and in the end, it was worth it. This is only our first step in our lifeguard journey we can now train to become paid lifeguards when we’re 16. We can also compete in competitions, participate in cool exchanges around New Zealand and abroad. We can also extend our skills with further training such as learning to drive an IRB (Inflatable rescue boat) and an ATV (All-terrain vehicle)

What was involved to gain this qualification?

To qualify we had to complete a comprehensive exam which included:

400-metre pool swim in under 9 minutes

2 tube rescues in the ocean and pool

200-metre run, 200-metre swim, 200-metre run in the surf (run, swim, run).

50 question theory test

First aid and CPR.

We wouldn’t have been able to do any of this if it wasn’t for the dedication and help from our amazing instructors Josh Slattery, Cory Harvey and especially Mollie Abrams.

Explain what your commitment is over the summer months.

 As qualified lifeguards, we are now apart of a team including senior lifeguards where we are rostered on monthly. During this time we watch the beach and the public and keep the public who swim safe

Why did you choose to volunteer as a lifeguard?

Sienna Harding & Megan Abrams – We started our lifeguard journey as rookies three years ago; we dreamt of being lifeguards and saving people just like Baywatch. We wanted to be a part of this great lifeguard community that we looked up to and develop exciting new skills and friendships. We are both most excited about competing and participating in exchanges.

Makayla Stacey – I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and test my abilities, to push my self and try new things. I really wanted to develop life skills like communication and first aid. I thought that lifeguarding would be a great way to connect to the community and to meet and create new friendships.

Adrian Reeves- I am a Rookie coach and I wanted to patrol with my children and give back to the community.

Cory Tanu – I thought it would be a great opportunity to make new friends and develop new skills.

Sean Young – I became a lifeguard because I always liked to be at the beach, in and around the water. It was just another way for me to get some fun out of swimming. I also love to help people.

Interested in becoming a surf lifeguard go to www.raglansurflifesaving.org.nz/become-a-lifeguard/

Junior Surf muster is on Sunday 10th November at 10am at the Surf Lifesaving Club.  This includes – Nippers (7 to 11 years) and Rookie (12 to 13 years). All welcome to come down and check it out Contact email if anyone wants to learn more about being a lifeguard is: chiefinstructor@raglansurflifesaving.org.nz