Student rally will urge climate change action

Raglan Area School environmentalist Sequoia McCabe wants people to “come with a sign or a mind for change” when she and fellow students congregate downtown around noon on Friday week demanding  Government action on global warming and climate change.

Inspired by schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, who staged an action outside the Swedish Riksdag  (parliament) in August last year, the Raglan 17 year old has organised with friends Nikau Hansen and Kai Woolf for students to march from the school’s top field along Norrie Ave into town where there will be a couple of speeches.

“We are appealing for the New Zealand Government to move away from fossil fuels and go 100 percent renewable energy,” Sequoia told the Chronicle.

It’s a nationwide thing – in fact a global movement  – with “loads of schools” staging their own School Strike 4 Climate, she added.

The demonstrations are also known as Fridays for Future, Youth for Climate or Youth Strike 4 Climate.

Edith Symes

*Support local students downtown at lunchtime on Friday March 15.