Tarot Talk: with Chrissy Hodkinson

Chrissy Hodkinson is a Tarot reader with more than 16 years experience.

She is a member of the Tarot Guild of Aotearoa and completed a diploma course in 2006 with Fern Mercier, an internationally renowned tarot expert and astrologer.

“Tarot is one of the oldest and best known methods of divination, however it also offers a path to greater self knowledge” says Chrissy. “It is a tool that can help us look beneath the surface of everyday events to identify underlying causes and deeper patterns. In any situation we are contributing to the outcome by our actions or inaction.

The only behaviour we can change is our own – tarot can help show you what changes you can make or provide insight into any situation – work, relationships, finances, emotions to help clarify what is happening and the steps you can take that may help or ease any situation.

The New Year is a perfect time to get a reading so call or txt Chrissy on 027 6644261 to book a time.

A reading takes approximately an hour – usually a little longer – and costs $60. $10 discount applies to the first five callers so don’t delay, book your reading today.

TAROT READINGS txt Chrissy 027 6644261