Free event: Understanding your health

When it comes to your health, finding what works for you and your body can feel a bit daunting at times.

Whether you opt for all natural remedies, take a prescription or two, or have a mix of both, it’s all about knowing and understanding whatever it is that you choose. To help with that understanding and to share a bit of knowledge, Dr. Corin Storkey will be shining a light onto the big pharma and natural health worlds, next Wednesday April 19 at the Old School Arts Centre.

With a PhD in medical chemistry from the University of Melbourne and the Heart Research Institute, he has over 15 years of academic and research experience specialising in cardiology and metabolic syndrome. He has spent time as a medical consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, but recently quit to start his own natural health company.

Corin will be presenting his research findings into the development of heart disease and the ways in which pharmaceutical companies and the food industry manipulate data to market their specific interests. He’ll be discussing heart disease and the war on fat, stress and inflammation and how it works, as well as pharmaceutical marketing, sharing an insiders guide, along with discussions around knowing your food and navigating your way through food industry manipulation and exploitation.

Health and wellbeing is an ongoing conversation and it’s important to understand the process and measures you are taking to take care of yourself.

Join Corin on Wednesday 19 April from 7pm – 8pm at the Old School Arts Centre, 5 Stewart St. Entry is free. To RSVP contact Corin on 0211822839.