Local business profile: Stendy Electrical

This week we caught up with Stendy Electrical to see what kinds of services they offer.

Tell us about your business:
We are a Raglan based business consisting of myself, four tradesmen, our apprentice, supported by our great admin ladies in the office.

How long have you been in the business and trade?
I have been working in the electrical industry for around 17 years. I started Versatile Electrical when I moved to Raglan 4.5 years ago and bought Stendy Electrical off its previous owners just over two years ago. We now trade as Stendy Electrical.

What do you specialise in?
Across our staff’s range of skills we have a few areas we specialise in as well as your normal residential, commercial, and rural work. We have Dale who has about 20 years experience in appliance repairs. Chris who has years of experience with solar power and is also our heat-pump guy

What new developments have there been lately?
Our new member of staff Indy the dog!

Do you offer free quotes?
We offer free quotes for most types of work, but do not offer free quotes for appliance repairs as it is not economically viable.

What is the best thing about running your business?
I am really grateful to the residents of Raglan to be able to have enough work to have a job here myself, and to be able to create good jobs for our staff. I like meeting the different people we deal with and getting to know them. My favourite types of jobs are the off-grid solar ones, it’s really satisfying to go to a job and create their own power station from scratch.

Best piece of advice you can offer customers:
If you are unsure about the safety of electrical issues at your house give us a call.

How can people contact you?
You can call our office on 078250214 or email info@stendyelectrical.co.nz. Visit their website at http://www.stendyelectrical.co.nz.