Rangitahi Peninsula update

The Rangitahi Team has put together the following progress update for the Raglan community with regards to the project at present.

The Rangitahi Peninsula is a five-minute drive from the Raglan township. Just look left as you drive over the one-way bridge and you will see the construction of the new bridge and subdivision taking place.   

The first stage of the development consists of 88 residential lots and 4 ‘mixed-use’ lots zoned for commercial, community and residential development. There will be a small community hub developed here to provide some basic services such as a café and boutique shop and office spaces. The community hub will adjoin a public park and access to Rangitahi walking tracks around the peninsula. It will essentially be the heart of the Rangitahi peninsula community. The vision for this area is to become another character place outside of the Raglan township, just like the Raglan wharf is, providing community vibrancy.

The over-arching vision for Rangitahi is to encompass various architectural elements while also encouraging bio-diversity in our growing community. We have put together a design guideline for this purpose and will be approving all house and landscaping plans on the peninsula.

Construction of the subdivision has an anticipated completed date of November 2018, with titles expected for issue in February 2019. This is when purchasers in Stage One will be able to start building their homes. Pemberton Civil are responsible for the construction of roads and services within the peninsula. The sections on the peninsula are serviced with power, water, fiber optic cable and wastewater to the boundary. The infrastructure has been designed and engineered with special consideration given to the materials used, as well as a strong focus on environmental factors. i.e. the wastewater from Rangitahi will be pumped from the peninsula straight to the Raglan treatment facility on Wainui Road via new standalone pipes, which will be installed this year. The power on the peninsula will be underground. Any power lines you see currently will be removed during construction.

The Rangitahi Peninsula will be accessible to all in 2019 via the Rangitahi bridge at the end of Opotoru Road. The bridge construction is on track to be complete in September this year. It is a two-lane bridge with a footpath and parking at one end, with community access to the water for swimmers, kayakers and paddle-boarders.

Opotoru Road is also going to be upgraded to a two-lane road with a footpath and street lighting. These works are due to begin shortly. The intersection between Opotoru Road and Wainui Road has been re-designed with a median strip for turning vehicles and a road crossing by the Raglan West store. The parking directly in front of the Raglan west store will be re-designed into parallel parks and additional on-street parking will be added to Tahuna Avenue.

In addition, Stage Two of the development was released in February this year. Stage Two comprises 28 residential lots, including a number of waterfront lots. Pricing starts at $275,000 and land sizes range from 400m2 – 830m2. Be sure to get in touch with Sam or Sophie should you wish to find your very own piece of paradise in Raglan. More information can be found on our website, www.rangitahi.co.nz.

If you find that this article hasn’t covered off something you are interested in with regards to the Rangitahi development, please email Sophie at sophie@rangitahi.co.nz or pop in and see Sophie or Sam at the Rangitahi office on Bow Street next to the library to view any plans, etc. The Rangitahi team is happy to answer any question or address any concerns you may have. 

The Rangitahi Team