Raglan Medical Covid-19 Update

We are op­en and fully staffed.

Please take the lock down seriously, the lives of our older and vulnerable population are in our hands.

If you are unwell and need medical assistance don’t wait, please contact us.

The only change to our opening hours is a temporary reduction in the closing time on Tuesday and Thursday. Our new hours are 8am to 5pm.

To keep our community safe we are limiting the number of people in the building. Our clinic has comprehensive hygiene measures to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

Essential services will continue, patients who are unwell and require a face to face consult will be brought into the clinic.

If you are asked to come to the clinic please wait in your car and our car park attendant will approach you to co-ordinate services

For emergencies ring 111

the ambulance service is unchanged and is supported by our PRIME service

Please ring for doctor and nurse appointments

we will arrange an initial phone consult; depending on your needs we will manage you via a phone consult or when necessary arrange a booked face to face consultation. Normal consult charges apply.

We are busy, it may take hours for a doctor or nurse to ring you back

please keep your phone with you at all times, playing phone tag is a frustrating exercise!

Please use the Manage My Health patient portal service

whenever possible for repeat scripts and minor queries

Watch out for your mental health

if you have concerns please contact us, ring/text 1737 or in high risk situations contact the crisis line on

0800 50 50 50


Large numbers of early prescription requests

are compromising our ability to treat patients, please order your scripts one week before they are due, no earlier please.

The pharmacy is extremely busy at present

like supermarkets, pharmacies have normal stock levels and will dispense your medications when needed.

Raglan Medical:  07 825 0114

After Hours Contact: 07 957 4947

Healthline: 0800 611 116

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