The Raglan Business Chamber – Meet our Principle Partner

“Success comes through opportunity—evaluate, analyse, breathe and above all—meet with your accountant before starting anything.” -Lynne Wilkins, Bizworx

The Raglan Business Chamber is honoured to have Lynne Wilkins and the Bizworx team on board as our Principle Sponsor since 2015. Bizworx (and its predecessor) have been a part of the growing community of Raglan for just over twenty years. The practice originally began as an opportunity for Lynne, a new mum, to create a flexible self-employed environment where she could be available to raise her daughter.

As the company grew Lynne recruited former friends and colleagues to join her team. It was, and always has been, important to allow flexibility for the sta˜ which in turn would grow the company. The Bizworx team now consists of eleven personnel in contract or employment roles, all Raglan residents which Lynne says with a smile as she recognises that, “providing local jobs for local residents creates a modest carbon footprint.”

Many may think of Bizworx as an accounting firm who can assist with income tax but beyond keeping the numbers straight, the team offers expertise in Business Mentoring services. Whether you have a business idea, are just getting started or well into it, the Bizworx team aims to help people gain success in their business ventures. Lynne explains, “our role is to mentor and support because the success of our clients means the success of the community of Raglan.”

Members of the Bizworx team are well embedded in the Raglan community. Four of the staff have served or are currently serving as trustees on various school boards and health organisations. Additionally, they provide services and so°ware programmes in support of local not-for-profit groups. Among others, Lynne has personally been involved with Xtreme Zero Waste and Raglan Radio throughout her years in Raglan.

Community involvement is a key marketing strategy for any business, as it is an opportunity to build relationships. Lynne explained that reputation is everything as most of their clients come via word-of-mouth. Beyond that Lynne points out that a partnership with the Raglan Business Chamber creates important networking opportunities and says that “many people do not value the role of the Business Chamber enough.”

Her recommendation is to be highly visible and one way to do that is through the local business hub, the Raglan Business Chamber. In addition to her marketing advice, Lynne reminds her clients that paying tax is good news because it means you’ve done well in your business ventures. A°er twenty years in her career and having worked with a variety of business Lynne reflects on the importance of being flexible.

The Bizworx Team is located at 13 Wallis St, Raglan. Contact them on 07 825 7050 or online at

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