Introducing Raglan Community Board Candidate Chris Rayner

I think we all agree Whaingaroa / Raglan is an exceptional place, the outstanding natural beauty is complimented by the passionate community spirit. I moved back home to NZ and settled in Whaingaora in 2011, and started the Raglan Farmshouse at Te Whare Farm.

I am passionate about protecting the environment, and it breaks my heart when the waste water system over flows into our harbor, I am appalled at the way in which the Waikato District Council handles these problems. I am committed to representing our community and pushing the WDC to investigate and implement new land based treatment options, so we can stop putting wastewater into our ocean and harbor.

Raglan also faces a number of challenges as tourist numbers increase, we need to protect our special slice of paradise and insure there is affordable accommodation for workers & families, we must consider new rules around tourist accommodation in private homes that would otherwise be rentals.

Chris Rayner

39 Main Rd, Raglan