Raglan Rest Home and Hospital Meals on Wheels Service

Eating is an essential part of living and the ability to cook and eat nourishing meals has an impact on your ability to live with a degree of independence in the Community. Our ability to provide meals for ourselves can be impacted by a decrease in mobility, poor health or access problems.

Raglan Rest Home and Hospital, in partnership with a fantastic group of volunteers, offers a seven day a week meal delivery service. These meals are delivered to the persons home, hot and ready to eat around 11:30 to 12:30 daily.

The menu is reflective of the on-site menu and is nutritionally balanced. There is the ability to cater for specific needs such as dairy free, soft diet, vegetarian etc. There is an option to purchase a main meal and a dessert or just a main meal (or just a dessert!)

The cost is $10.00 for a main meal and a dessert or $7.00 for a main meal.

This service appeals to a range of people, some for a short-term for reasons such as family being away, recovering from surgery, an accident or an illness, or just requiring a break from shopping and cooking a main meal each day.

Some people will choose to have deliveries seven days per week while others will select days, they wish to have the delivered meals and days that they will manage themselves or with family and friends.

To access this service, or for more information, please contact Teresa at the Raglan Rest Home and Hospital

When a person enters an aged care facility food often becomes a large focus. Food breaks up the day while also adding structure and is a pleasurable activity and an opportunity to socialise with others.  The menu is reviewed at regular intervals and seasonal changes offer opportunities for change.

BBQ’s and fish and chips also play a part in the menu; cakes are made for celebrations, fresh fruit is served daily and there are always alternative options for those who find the menu of the day not to their liking or have dietary restrictions due to health, choice or cultural beliefs.

Recently a move towards encouraging independence has seen some residents buttering and putting spread on their own toast. The next step is for a group to start preparing, serving and washing up their own breakfast in a separate breakfast area. To enable this to happen we would require a volunteer to come in and support this group. Ideally this would happen two to three times per week.

Anyone interested in discussing this further please contact Teresa or Maree at Raglan Rest Home and Hospital 07 825 8306.