Upcoming school production ‘Love of a Nightingale’

Year 13 drama student, Sequoia Gavin-McCabe, answers questions about Raglan Area School’s upcoming senior drama class production ‘Love of a Nightingale’, directed by drama teacher & Director Ruth Hare

How long have you been acting and what has been your most enjoyable role/s to play so far and why?
I am proud to say that this will be my sixth year performing in one of Ruth’s productions. All of my roles have been uniquely special in their own way but I would have to say that the most enjoyable so far would be Dorothy in ‘Oz’ three years ago because it was such an amazing experience to work with so many people of different ages and be able to watch it all come together. Plus Dorothy was such a loveable character to embody and playing her really gave me a lot of confidence in my own acting.

Tell us about your role in Love of a Nightingale?
I play one of the leads, Philomele, in Love of a Nightingale. I’m super excited about this role because it is definitely my most challenging so far and I feel like it has given me the space and opportunity to grow in such a mature production.

What can the audience expect from Love of a Nightingale?
Love of a Nightingale by Timberlake Wertenbaker is a deeply moving modern day adaptation of a Greek myth set in Athens and Thrace that explores themes that are still as relevant today as they were 2000 years ago: feminism, being silenced, abuse, power, death, love and war. We have also managed to incorporate some song and dance elements, too. It does contain mature themes so is not suited for children.

What message do you want the audience to take away from seeing the play?
I think that the messages in the play will speak to each audience member differently but one that will definitely be in the forefront of everybody’s mind is that the themes we are exploring are ones that need to be talked about.

They shouldn’t be tiptoed around and treated as taboo and even if you feel as though you, too, have been silenced, there is still a way for your voice to be heard.

What are your plans next year and will performing have a role to play in your future?
Next year I hope to go travelling and then hit the books at uni where I will definitely pursue my love of performing arts.

Catch Sequoia in Love of a Nightingale which runs for one night only; Friday 21st June, 7pm at the Raglan Town Hall. Adults $6. High School Students $4.