New website to promote Raglan artists

Raglan artists are invited to promote themselves and their work on a new website that went live on Monday.

The Raglan Art Guide – – is intended as a sneak peak into the studios of local artists and a place where people can explore “uniquely Raglan art”.

So far 10 artists have signed up.

Photographer Richard Gemmell, who helped secure a Waikato District Council Creative Communities grant to set up the website, says the motivation behind the project was to promote Raglan art.

“Raglan does the arts trail which is fantastic but, after that, until the next one comes around there isn’t really an art thing going on,” says Richard, a retired hill country sheep framer who has been getting more and more into his photography in the past 10 years.

The website will keep people in the loop about what Raglan artists are up to and working on, where their studios and galleries are, and give examples of their work.

Under their profiles, artists can also include links to other sites where their work can be viewed.

The not-for-profit website will also advertise upcoming events by the Raglan artists and people can sign up to a monthly newsletter to keep them in the loop.

Richard says he hopes the website will also encourage networking by the artists involved, and “always out of networking ideas will come”.

A get-together of interested artists has already been organised for Saturday, March 25.

Inger Vos

* Anyone keen on joining the Raglan Art Guide can email for more information. The cost of joining is $110, which includes a one-off initial page setup of $50 and an annual subscription of $60 (this includes two free changes to content per year, additional changes will cost $10). Artists must supply their own photos.