March 2017 Community Board Meeting

DHB sets up Consumer Council

The Waikato District Health Board is setting up a Consumer Council to ensure community participation and engagement in the health services it provides.

DHB consumer engagement team leader Wendy Entwistle told the Raglan Community Board last week that in May-June it would be seeking expressions of interest by community members to become part of the council. The council will comprise of 15 paid members, including a chairperson, and the members will reflect the diversity of the district’s communities and health interest areas. The DHB aims to have the Consumer Council established in September.

New goals for Junior Soccer

The Raglan Community Board has approved $1558.98 in funding to pay for the cost of a new set of soccer goal posts and nets for the Raglan Junior Soccer Club.

Club acting chairperson Aaron Mooar told the board that the club had grown to over 180 young players, and the new transportable goals were necessary to ensure that everyone got a game.

New Raglan road names

The Raglan Community Board has to come up with a further list of 10 road names to be considered by Waikato District Council, including three iwi themed names.

Current proposed road names for use in future subdivisions include Petchell (family name of Raglan general merchants 1923-2003), Amoore (family name of Raglan garage owners 1937-1975), Edwin Watkins (Raglan pioneer 1902 to about 1914) and Mataira (after Raglan author Dame Katerina Te Heikoko Matiaira). Names put forward that have been rejected because of duplications in close proximity to Raglan include Bates (Raglan General Carriers), Stephens Raglan Bakers), Jack Hartstone (owner of Raglan fishing company), Peter Miller (early Raglan surfer) and Penman (Raglan doctor). Council has noted that distinctions could be made to the names Vernon (historian and author), Corlett (first teacher in Raglan) and Pegler (one of the first teachers) and Cresswell (Raglan musician), which also have duplications, by adding first names.

Raglan’s LTP priority list

The Raglan Naturally project is top of the community’s priority list for Raglan projects to be included in the Long Term Plan.

The Raglan Community Board asked residents what projects they would give priority for funding in the 2018 LTP. The other top eight, in order, are: continuing development of footpaths, Whale Bay to Manu Bay walkway, heated swimming pool, public transport and CBD parking, convert Cliff St to one-way, complete upgrading entrance to Raglan and establish Wi Neera St property as a green reserve.

Inger Vos