The Cocowhip Experience

The Chronicle sat down with Rebecca Taggart, the creator of Cocowhip, an intimate all over body whip ideal for everything from massage to lusciously smooth skin. It’s handcrafted right here in Raglan from 100% organic coconut and black cumin seed oil. 

RC: You have created an exciting new product. Were you on the look out for a new idea? How did you come up with it?

Rebecca: Well I guess I’m quite passionate about what I put on my skin and I also believe that whatever you use, it should make you feel sexy. I think sometimes the smell of certain products can be quite overpowering, so I created something that was neutral in fragrance, yet still offers all of the natural organic qualities that we want to find in a product.

RC: Apart from the intimate use of the product how else can it be used?

Rebecca: Apart from having many great uses in the the bedroom ?  Cocowhip feels amazing on your skin after you have a shower. It absorbs easily and really nourishes your skin, leaving a really healthy glow.

RC: What other health benefits or qualities does the product have?

Rebecca: Cocowhip is 100% organic, which makes it a totally non toxic product for your skin. By adding the Cumin Seed oil, it becomes anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

RC: How have you marketed it so far?

Rebecca: So far, most of the marketing direction has been online using social media such as Facebook and Instagram to get the brand seen.

We definitely feel like this is something to talk about, so networking has been brilliant.

A lot of sales are also going through our stockists because once the product is seen and tested the customers love the look and feel.

The marketing side has been fun, with the help of my business partners Brodie Reynolds and Tara Wrigley brainstorming has been interesting because of the ‘naturally naughty’ direction we have taken.

There are not many products out there like this, which means that it really stands out from a usual gift of a candle or body lotion, it becomes quite intriguing and fun! Many stockists and customers are excited to see something different.

RC: What has been the response from retailers and customers?

Rebecca: The direct response from customers is that they love the way it has been packaged. It comes in a very stylish black box, making it a beautiful and fun gift for many occasions. It also makes a great topic for many conversations! Stores love that it has been priced reasonably for its high quality look.

RC:: Have you had a team of people helping out?

Rebecca: Yes! Tara Wrigley has the I.T. brain I don’t, she has set up our great website and online shop, and Brodie Reynolds has the artistic flair in graphics and branding, we have had a lot of fun creating Cocowhip.

Raglan has been the launching pad for some innovative products of late. Do you think living in Raglan helps this creative process?

Living in Raglan has definitely helped. There are so many inspiring people to talk to about your ideas, and they will always be authentic and excited in their response. We love thinking outside the box here!

RC:Where to from here for Cocowhip?

We would love to see Cocowhip grow steadily as i make it at home and I really enjoy that aspect of it. It is not difficult to find stockists, we just want to make sure they are the right ones.

RC: How can one get hold of it?

Rebecca: Cocowhip can be purchased online or at our wonderful stockist here in Raglan, Atamira.