Young Achievers: Hudson Bidois

An occasional column featuring young achievers in our community.

Tell us what you achieved with Rugby this year? What representative team did you make?

Rep teams I have made have been the Panthers (Gwynne Sheild). We finished seventh out of 10 teams. This team is made up based on what school you go to.

Waikato Roller Mills team, this is a true honour and something I have been working towards all year, luckily I have the best Raglan Club coaches and family who supported me to get there.

This year has been my favourite year so far. I have had 13 Player of the Days and only not scored in two games of club rugby.

How long have you played Rugby? What do you like about it?

I have played Rugby for seven years. Last four years has been contact (tackle), before that it’s just been fun and playing around. As you start to tackle it gets more serious, it’s still fun but you are more focused I think.

I like a lot about rugby, it’s New Zealand’s main sport. It’s the best team sport.

What other sports do you enjoy?

Golf, soccer, running, surfing, snowboarding, athletics, cricket, basketball, softball and motorbike riding

How do you think young people get to excel at sport?

You need to train hard very, very hard and respect the coaches. Good sportsmanship towards other players. I was lucky with my Raglan coaches over the last few years as they teach this as much as they teach you skills.

Who do you feel inspired by?

My family, my coaches, my team, my friends and their parents, my school (Waitetuna) they all encourage me to be my best.

They drive me all over the place for games and trainings and are really positive towards my sports.

My favourite rugby players that inspire me is Beauden Barrett and his brother Jordy.

What happens next year? Who will you play for? Will you miss Raglan?

I never want to leave Raglan Club! Next year I’ll be year 8 so I can’t play 12th grade next year as I will be over the weight limit. I’m hoping we can have a 13th grade.

What’s so great about the Raglan Club?

Everyone respects each other, my team is one big family. For a small town we can hold our own against the big city clubs, we finished second in the 12th grade A pool. We won the Hopu Hopu tournament – that’s a pretty big deal when other clubs have so many teams and numbers.

What is your goal with Rugby? Who would you like to be playing for in 5-10 years?

In about five years I would like to be in the first XV for Hamilton Boys High School, then in about 10 years, I would like to be playing for the Chiefs and All Blacks!