Outdoor Bowls aggregate challenge winners

This bowls challenge is run through the summer season and is made up of eight local tournaments. Some years back the decision was made to encourage members to enter into these events by incorporating them all into an ‘aggregate competition’.

Players must play in a minimum of six events to remain in the competition. Each event has it’s own significance in that each trophy has been donated by a then member or a past member’s family. These are the Moore Cup, the Harbour View Cup, the Reeves Trophy, Crake Memorial Plate, Tom Stephens Triples Trophy, Marx Triples Trophy, McDonald Pairs Cup and the Knowles Trophy.

The last two events of the competition were run recently, the McDonald Pairs on  April 13 and The Knowles Triples Trophy on April.

The McDonald Pairs saw 17 members take part in it, so one team had to be a ‘triples’ team. They played three games of eight ends to find the winners.

These were Blue Stephens and Pim Blair with two and a half wins and winning 19 ends over all three games.  Denis Pizer and John Carr came in second with two wins but with 14 ends won. In third place were Colin Bouzaid and Gordon Mills and fourth were Terry Green and Chris Montford.

Eighteen members took up the challenge on  April 27 in the Knowles Triples Trophy  event in a last ditch effort to win it and then win the overall Aggregate Competition.

Maws Wahanga, Sharon Llewellyn and Gordon Mills won the Knowles Triples Trophy having two wins and 15 ends won, Denis Pizer Murray Ansley and Murray Eddy came in second with two wins and 14 ends won with Alan Price, Alex Lorenzen and Pim Blair in third place, also with two wins but only 13 ends won.

Once all the calculations were worked out the overall winner of the Aggregate Competition was Murray Eddy with 41 points, Alan Price a very close second with 40 points and third equal were Maws Wahanga and John Carr on 38 points each.

Wow, what an outcome.

Congrtulations  to you all.

Roll ups are still being held on Wednesdays and Saturdays with a 12.45pm report in time. A small fee applies.

Happy Bowling , Eileen Stephens