Surf Into Summer: The Originals

Raglan has a rich local history of surfing. From soulful characters to defining moments, we hope to highlight and uncover a big part of Raglan’s surfing history that some may not know about. Over the next few columns we’ll be introducing The Originals, a crew who have been surfing the points since the late 50’s.

we’d searched for places
as would throw us
clean and peeling waves
to run for miles
rising, falling
then this wild edge
with surging walls
that seemed to carry all of history
they clamoured at the coast
in sun-shot mist and foam
save only round a point of rocks
it drew their waters
into full and flaring caverns
even gods would dream
to sport amongst
in early worlds
ours was the chance
we took it breathless
all the start, working surfaces
until we’d nerved ourselves
then cut back deep
through bottom turns
to drive the inside faces
broke out flaunting
on the hanging crests
while our bodies
learned a song of ancient mysteries
for we are lucky
as were any of the young
who ever lived
and surfed the place into our bones
– Campbell Ross
One of the original
surfers of The Point


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