A chat with Mort

Graeme Mortlock has been our longtime delivery man.
This week we had a quick chat to him about his history with the Chronicle.

How long have you been delivering the Chronicle for Graeme?
10 years

That’s a long time to be committed week after week rain hail or shine. I am so grateful for your time and effort over these years. Can you remember how the delivery position came about?
Yes. I had been working delivering rural mail and was ready for a break and due to retire and I was mowing your lawns at the time and you asked me if i’d be interested in taking on the delivery. I said yes. Obviously.

What do you like about the job?
I like meeting people and chatting to those i know, as a person who likes dogs, its neat to see the many different types and breeds, although I’ve been bitten a lot, never badly though

What is tricky?
Wet weather with grassy verges. Difficult for a scooter with small wheels, and have paid the price a few times and fallen off never injuring myself though Dodging aforementioned dogs.

You have recently had a stroke that has prevented you delivering. How long did you spend in hospital? What kind of stroke did you experience?
I had a cryptogenic stroke on the left hand side of brain, affecting the right hand side of my body . Doctors assumed it was probably the result of a recent motor I spent two weeks in hospital. Long enough! They wanted to keep me in but I was ready to come home.

How have you been affected in terms of your speech and your mobility?
It has really impaired my speech, enunciating especially. The words take longer to form, from initial recognition in brain to the formed word leaving my tongue. I am now just about back to normal, thankfully

How have you progressed so far?
Progress was initially rapid. However it seems i have hit a plateau so things have slowed somewhat – although I haven’t slipped backwards.

What are the difficulties you are facing:
I was not not able or allowed to drive, so i had to rely on partner Brenda for a lot and i am lucky she has been here, she also got me to hospital very quickly

What is your goal with your rehabilitation?
To be back somewhere close to where i was, life has changed, there is still uncertainty, im not sure if I will ever be the same but if this is as good as it gets well I consider myself fortunate indeed I could be a whole lot worse,