Artist on the search for boy in photo

For Waikato photographer Catherine Fry, the hunt is on.

The story starts with a photo she took in February 2013, an iconic view of the Raglan Surf School beach shack. “A Vintage Summer” performed well at New Zealand Club level, won a competition, and was January in the 2014 North and South magazine’s complimentary calendar.

“It’s a scene that Raglan lovers can relate to, and picture themselves there,” says Catherine.

It wasn’t until the Covid-19 lockdown while Catherine was making some of her photos into artwork, she enlarged the photo on the screen.

“There is only one person that could be completely recognizable in the whole photo.”

She refers to a young boy of around 10 years old, striding purposefully across the foreground of the photo.

“He reminds me of my three, now grown up boys, enjoying Ngarunui Beach.”

He’s the epitome of every New Zealand child at the beach – wetsuit, tousled hair, jandals, and tan lines. On closer inspection Catherine noticed he appears to have his mouth full and maybe an apple in his hand.

“It got me thinking that it would be fun to try and find this boy, and give him a print.

“I’ve seen that photo on my wall every day for the last seven years.

“I like to think that it would remind him of his childhood summers and amuse him that he was captured so candidly!”

Catherine is starting her hunt in Raglan. Remembering that the boy would be around 17 to 20 years old now, if anyone recognises him, please contact him or his family, and see if he would like to make contact. Catherine can be emailed at

Catherine is exploring options for an outlet in Raglan to stock prints of “A Vintage Summer”, and other Raglan scenes. Prints may be bought online from the shop of Black Cat Designs NZ facebook page.